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Introducing our Infinity Garden at Ayers Health and Rehabilitation

Introducing our Infinity Garden at Ayers Health and Rehabilitation: There’s nothing like nature’s restorative effects on mental health and well-being.

We are so excited to introduce our Infinity Garden with a recently renovated exterior! Our Infinity Garden provides a tranquil setting and special space where residents can enjoy activities, socialize, and relax in nature. The wide-open lush green space provides solitude and is surrounded by an abundance of shrubbery and flowering plants. The Garden will create a lovely color combination in contrast to the rest of the foliage that lines the property.

A pergola provides shade over a sitting area complete with tables and chairs. When you want to escape to a calm peaceful oasis, we invite you to enjoy our Infinity Garden.  It’s been an excellent addition to Ayers Health & Rehabilitation Center but also provides therapy to our memory care, dementia, and Alzheimer’s residents.  Our infinity garden stimulates their senses and has proven to reduce stress and improve mood.

We’d love to show you around, next time you are in Trenton (Gilchrist) Florida, schedule a tour today!

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