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After a Stroke: Why Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Are Essential

After a Stroke: Why Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Are Essential

Experts say approximately 800,000 people in the United States have a stroke each year. So statistically speaking, every 40 seconds someone is suffering a stroke. A stroke is one of the leading causes of long-term disability according to the American Stroke Association ( While it impacts every person differently, a stroke is life altering and can cause loss of mobility, difficulty with communication and comprehension, as well as inability to complete daily tasks.

Understanding the value of rehabilitation and skilled nursing is helpful when considering care after a loved one has been a victim of a stroke. Both are game changers when evaluating possible recovery time and the level of skills that can potentially be regained.

Nursing homes work hard to give residents overall care and a protected environment to live. Skilled nursing options have a greater focus on rehabilitation. They can offer more time devoted to specific detailed rehabilitation and have the doctors on staff or available 24/7 to provide the right level of care needed.

Rehabilitation nurses help stroke victims with specific, targeted skills in order for them to get back to a normal level of functioning to return home safely. Having specialized nurses and doctors who are conversational about the reality of recovery after a stroke is essential. 

Find the Right Care After a Stroke

At Ayers Health and Rehabilitation Center, we offer skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and therapy for any situation, including after a stroke. It is our goal to produce positive outcomes so that the patient may return home safely.

We would love to talk through any questions you may have about the best care after a stroke as well as options available to you in our skilled nursing facility. Please reach out to us at (352) 463-7101.

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